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Announcement:  We have added a new and very important class for our 8th graders this year:  Foundations in Personal Finance.  I am very excited to teach this class and help the students learn all about the key concepts that can lead to responsible money management for a lifetime.  Here is a brief sample of what the course is about:

I am very proud to say that we have not lost a single day of instruction at St. Joseph School, and we went "live" to teach our classes on March 20th.


I am even more proud of our SJS students and families!  Each day my students showed up for our live class sessions ready to learn new math skills.  All class sessions were recorded and uploaded to my youtube channel so any student could go back and watch the instruction, pause if needed, and return to the video when ready to move on.


If anyone had questions on homework, wanted to work on an enrichment project, or just say hello, they could stop by to "see" me during office hours any school day between 2-3 by clicking on google meet, and typing in "palmer".

Math 4:  In 4th grade, students focus most on using all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to solve multi-step word problems involving multi-digit numbers. They extend their understanding of fractions, including equal (equivalent) fractions and ordering fractions. They add and subtract fractions with like and unlike denominators (bottom number), multiply fractions by whole numbers, and understand relationships between fractions and decimals.

Math 5: In 5th grade, students focus on extending their understanding of place value by working with decimals up to the hundredths place and multiplying and dividing multi-digit whole numbers. Fifth-graders also continue their learning with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals.

Math 6:  In 6th Grade, students focus on connecting their understanding of multiplication and division to ratios and rates, developing an understanding of rational numbers and the relationships between independent and dependent variables, and writing and solving equations with letters that stand for numbers (variables).

Keystone Algebra I:  This course is the second of three Algebra courses.  This course is aligned to the Pennsylvania Keystone Assessment Anchors, foucuses on simplifying Algebraic expressions, graphing/interpreting linear equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations, analyzing functions, simlifying exponents, factoring, simplifying rational expressions, probability, and data analysis including "line of best fit".  The Keystone Algebra I Exam will be administered during the fourth marking period.

Keystone Geometry:  Course topics focus on the Pennsylvania state Keystone anchors and include, but are not limited to, angles and segments, parallel lines, triangles and their congruency and similarity, parallelograms and other polygons, circles, area and volume, transformations, and the application of basic trigonometric functions.

Even if you think you don't love Math, Math loves you.
Don't believe me? Solve for "i".
9x - 7i > 3(3x - 7u)
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