Piano Lessons and Music class have moved online!  

Beginning April 6th we will utilize SeeSaw for music classes K-3. 

Grades 4-8 will continue to use Google Classroom.  

Piano lessons are continuing through Wildflower Music Studio's "My Music Staff" page:  https://wildflowermusicstudio.mymusicstaff.com/Login-Page

Here's what we've been doing!

About Music Class at St. Joseph School:

My name is Megan Hauck and I am the general music and piano teacher. I have the privilege of working with every student throughout the school year. Our Kindergarteners and 1st graders receive general music class twice for 30-minutes each week. All other students meet for general music once a week for 45-minutes. Students sing, move, chant, and play in their music classes. Beginning in Grade 2, students also begin to learn how to read, write, improvise, and compose music. In 4th grade we study recorder, and in the upper grades we explore music through performance in drum circles and on ukulele.  7th and 8th grade looks at music through the lens of social justice.  All this is done in an engaging way that lines up with best practices in music education.

I have what Dr. John Feierabend calls a 30-year plan for every St. Joe's student:
"It should not be unreasonable to expect all adults to be able to clap their hands in time to the cheering at a sporting event. Dad should be able to sing "Happy Birthday" to his son or daughter without hearing, "Don't sing, Dad." A couple should be able to dance in time to the music at their wedding. A person should be able to sing at a worship service without persons in the row in front turning around. An audience member should possess sufficient sensitivities to be moved by a nuance in an orchestral performance. A mother or father should be able to soothe their infant with a lullaby and rock to the beat of that lullaby." (From https://www.giamusic.com/music_education/feier_infants.cfm)